Our menu seeks originality and is designed so that all clients will be inspired. As well as typical grilled dishes, which have had their aromas, textures and flavours enhanced by Josper technology, our menu includes many other options to impress diners: our legendary grilled mussels, pigs’ feet in cava, the oriental touch of our “japogrill”, a succulent steak-tartar and grilled rice dishes, amongst many others.


The menu is designed with a variety of dishes, all made with fresh, high-quality produce. You can find tapas, salads, hamburgers, fish and meat, as well as dishes for vegetable-lovers, all with the characteristic flavour of grilled cuisine.


We also have menus for groups, with various options to choose from so you can enjoy the best lunch or dinner with friends, family, colleagues…


“Our very own” patatas bravas

Potatoes with “all i oli” (a garlic mayonnaise)

Spanish omelette cooked on the grill

Melted cheese casserole

Cone of grilled chicken wings

Grilled mussels

Grilled nachos

Grilled octopus mini casserole

Garlic prawn casserole

Lightly-smoked salmon tataki

Padrón peppers

Homemade croquettes

Cone of calamari, Andalusian style

Chicken fingers

“Señorito” charcoal-cooked paella

Grilled aubergine mousse

Spanish gazpacho, in the summer season

Grilled green asparagus

Green asparagus with romesco sauce

Green asparagus with iberian ham shavings

Green asparagus with shavings of parmesan cheese

Grilled vegetable timbale

Tagliatelle alla bolognesa

Wok tagliatelle with vegetables

Tagliatelle al pesto

Tagliatelle al frutti di mare

Tagliatelle all’aglio

From the vegetable garden salad

Pura césar salad

Tropical salad

Tuna ventresca salad

Salmon tartar

Burrata salad

Assortment of Catalonian cured meats

Iberian ham

Iberian assortment

Assortment of cheeses of the world

Grilled gilt-head bream fi llet

Grilled octopus

Grilled fillets of wild Icelandic cod with “all i oli” gratin

Grilled fi llets of wild Icelandic cod with romesco sauce gratin

1,2,3 country-style burger

Grilled "Wagyega" steak tartar

Grilled butifarra

Boneless chicken curry

Grilled boneless chicken

Cava glazed pig’s feet

Côtelettes et côtes secondes d’agneau

Grilled entrecôte

Grilled sirloin

Grilled magret of duck

Nearly half a metre of pork ribs

A charcoal-grilled poussin

Over-baked medallion of European hake

Catalan-style grilled fi llets of wild Icelandic cod with pine nuts and raisins