The terrace is also a lively space

If there’s one thing that characterizes all PURA BRASA branches, it’s the carefully designed decoration and the exercise in interior design carried out to frame each one with a clear line, while maintaining unique details. The colours black and red dominate the furnishings and decoration. It’s a modern, casual environment which aims to make clients feel comfortable, so they can enjoy our gastronomic offerings alongside their fellow diners. Day or night, summer or winter, you can enjoy this alternative to the restaurants’ inside spaces year-round. A great alternative so you can enjoy the PURA BRASA concept even more, and breathe in the ambience of the city you’re in.

Our service is designed to provide maximum ease, from taking orders to preparing them in the kitchen. iPad minis and intercoms, connected to an internal network that works in a coordinated way, integrated with the dining room and kitchen’s equipment, is essential for swift, professional service. Our cows are a symbol of the house, a small and playful homage to the beef that has accompanied us since the first day, and which is an essential basis, along with the Josper ovens, for understanding understand PURA BRASA’s gastronomic offerings. They are always there, ready for anything.

Espacios Pura Brasa Restaurante Brasería