Design and comfort in our spaces


A modern and casual atmosphere

Black and red are the predominant colours in the furniture and décor

If anything characterises all PURA BRASA restaurants, it is the careful décor and the interior design exercise carried out to frame each one of them with a clear house brand line, yet each one still has its own distinctive and unique details. Black and red are the predominant colours in the furniture and décor.

A modern and casual atmosphere that aims to make the customer feel comfortable and enjoy the gastronomic offer together with their dining companions. Day and night, winter and summer, you can enjoy this alternative to the interior spaces of each restaurant all year round. A great alternative to enjoy the PURA BRASA concept even more and breathe the atmosphere of each city, wherever you are.

Do you want to book a private room for an event or celebration?

Anniversaries, celebrations, conferences, congresses, training courses, team building activities, executive meetings, conventions... At Pura Brasa Pineda we have different rooms and private dining rooms for any event. Our space has witnessed an endless number of events and an infinite number of formats. The versatility of our lounge allows us to create any set-up from scratch.